EASEUS Partition Master Pro
EASEUS Partition Master Pro
V.18.8.0 Build 20240605
Platform : Windows

Size : 105.6MB

Developer : YIWO Tech Ltd

Last Update: July 2, 2024

EaseUS Partition Master Pro

EaseUS Partition Master Professional Edition

EaseUS Partition Master Professional Edition is a powerful utility software designed to help you manage hard drives and partitions efficiently. It includes three main functions: disk and partition copying, partition management, and partition recovery. Additionally, the software allows you to create bootable CDs or DVDs to recover your system in case it fails to boot.

This edition is ideal for creating, merging, deleting, moving, or resizing partitions to optimize space on your hard drive. You can merge two adjacent partitions into one without losing any data and convert between NTFS and FAT file systems effortlessly.

Disk and Partition Copy Wizard

  • OS Migration: Migrate your operating system to an SSD without reinstalling Windows.
  • Partition Copy: Copy partitions quickly with a file-by-file method to protect your data.
  • Disk Cloning: Clone your entire hard disk to another without reinstalling Windows.
  • System Disk Upgrade: Upgrade your system disk to a larger one with just one click.
  • Dynamic Volume Management: Safely copy dynamic volumes to the primary disk and resize the primary disk.

Partition Recovery Wizard

  • Recover Lost Partitions: Recover deleted or lost partitions from unallocated space due to PC failures or virus attacks.
  • Repartition Recovery: Recover deleted or lost partitions after repartitioning the hard drive.
  • Recovery Modes: Two recovery modes are available: Automatic recovery mode and Manual recovery mode.
  • File System Support: Supports recovery for FAT, NTFS, EXT2, and EXT3 partitions.
Key Features

    • Extend NTFS System Partition: Maximize PC performance by extending the NTFS system partition without needing a reboot.

    • Convert Partition Types: Easily convert primary partitions to logical partitions and vice versa.

    • Merge Partitions: Safely merge two adjacent partitions into a larger one without data loss.

    • Create Additional Volumes: Convert a primary volume to a logical volume to create a fifth volume on a disk with four existing primary volumes.

    • Linux Partition Management: Manage Linux partitions by deleting, creating, formatting, and recovering EXT2 and EXT3 partitions.

    • WinPE Rescue Disk: Create a WinPE rescue disk for booting compromised computers.

    • Defragmentation: Speed up your computer by defragmenting your hard drive.

    • Comprehensive Hardware Support: Supports RAID, removable storage devices, hard disks, GPT disks, and FAT, NTFS, EXT2, and EXT3 file systems.

    • Compatibility: Works on both BIOS-based and UEFI-based hardware.

    • MBR and GPT Conversion: Convert MBR to GPT disk and vice versa without data loss.


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