Advanced Custom Fields Pro
Advanced Custom Fields Pro
Platform : WordPress

Size : 6.11MB

Developer : Elliot Condon

Last Update: July 19, 2024

Advanced Custom Fields Pro v.6.3.4

Advanced Custom Fields Pro  is an essential WordPress plugin that empowers developers to create highly customized websites with ease. This premium version of the widely-used Advanced Custom Fields plugin enhances functionality with a suite of powerful features. ACF Pro allows users to add custom fields to posts, pages, and custom post types, enabling more flexible and dynamic content management. Key features include the Repeater Field, Flexible Content Field, and Gallery Field, each designed to simplify the process of handling complex content structures. The plugin’s robust options for creating and managing custom fields streamline workflows and improve the efficiency of content creation and editing.

Beyond its core capabilities, ACF Pro offers additional enhancements like Local JSON for faster site speed and synchronization, as well as a refreshed user interface that makes navigation more intuitive. New settings and fields, such as the oEmbed Field for embedding media content, provide even more versatility in content presentation. ACF Pro’s support for conditional logic, integration with third-party plugins, and extensive customization options through PHP and JavaScript actions and filters make it a vital tool for developers seeking to build sophisticated WordPress sites. Whether for a simple blog or a complex web application, ACF Pro delivers the flexibility and control needed to create compelling, user-friendly websites.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) was developed by Elliot Condon, an Australian web developer. Elliot created ACF to provide a user-friendly way to add custom fields to WordPress, enhancing the platform’s flexibility and allowing developers to create more customized websites. Since its inception, ACF has become one of the most popular WordPress plugins, widely used by developers around the world to build dynamic and versatile websites. Elliot continues to be actively involved in the development and improvement of ACF, ensuring it remains a powerful and essential tool for WordPress users.

Key Features
1. More AJAX

More AJAX is incorporated into various fields to enhance the overall user experience by speeding up page loading times. This ensures a smoother and faster interaction when working with custom fields, significantly improving efficiency.

2. Local JSON

The Local JSON feature automatically exports field groups to JSON, which improves site speed and allows for easy synchronization between environments. This feature is especially beneficial for developers working in teams, ensuring consistency across different setups.

3. Easy Import / Export

ACF Pro simplifies the process of migrating custom fields with the Easy Import / Export functionality. This can be easily accessed through a new tools page, making it convenient to transfer field groups between different WordPress installations.

4. New Form Locations

With the introduction of New Form Locations, fields can now be mapped to comments, widgets, and all user forms. This expansion allows for greater flexibility in how and where custom fields are utilized across your site.

5. More Customization

ACF Pro has added new PHP (and JS) actions and filters to allow for More Customization. These enhancements provide developers with more control over the behavior and appearance of custom fields, enabling more tailored solutions.

6. Fresh UI

A Fresh UI redesign brings a more modern and intuitive interface to ACF Pro. This update includes new field types, settings, and design improvements, making it easier to navigate and manage custom fields.

7. New oEmbed Field

The addition of the New oEmbed Field allows users to embed content easily. This field supports various content types, such as videos and social media posts, enabling richer media integration within your custom fields.

8. New Settings

New settings have been added for Label Placement and Instruction Placement within field groups. These settings offer more options for organizing and displaying field information, enhancing the clarity and usability of custom fields.

9. Better Front End Forms

The acf_form() function has been improved to create new posts upon submission, with many new settings available. This feature, Better Front End Forms, allows for more robust and dynamic front-end forms, improving user interaction and data collection.

10. Better Validation

ACF Pro now includes Better Validation through the use of both PHP and AJAX, rather than relying solely on JavaScript. This ensures more reliable and comprehensive form validation, reducing errors and enhancing user experience.


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